Daily Log 7/22/09

July 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

I think grass pollen is getting higher in my area because I woke up with a killer sinus headache this morning.  I decided to sleep a little later and push kettlebell practice to later in the day.  I have been doing it in the evenings anyway and I kind of like it at the end of my day. 

The kids had a playdate in an area where there is a great health food store and organic juice bar so I decided to make a quick stop there for some supplies for my next recipe experiment and a delicious juice.

Here’s my day:


1.  syntrax nectar protein drink followed by green drink, organic coffee w/1% organic milk (I really needed this today!)

2.  1 cup strawberry kefir w/scoop Miracle Reds, serving of Mrs. Mays fruit nut crunch

3.  fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted veggies, fresh basil in an ezekial wrap, a pear

4.  from the juice bar: immunity juice – carrot, apple, beet, celery, lemon, ginger, and garlic YUM!  1/4 cup roasted soybeans

5.  1/2 cup Indian chickpeas (these taste even better the next day), 1/4 cup brown rice


6.  plain greek yogurt w/blueberries, raw walnuts, squeeze of local honey


Workout – Kettlebell swings and TGUs.  103 swings done in sets of 15 (last set 13) and 30 seconds rest between sets.  Also did 5 without weight turkish get ups on each side.  I’m feeling stronger on my turkish get up form.  I forgot to time it but it took about 15 minutes.

I think tomorrow I’m going to do sprints and move workout B of NROL4W to Friday.  My shoulders and glutes have major DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).  I’ve been rolling myself on the foam roller every night.

Also, I have decided to cut back a little on my cardio for several reasons:  1. on the whole, my diet is pretty good; and 2. kettlebell swing and TGU practice is cardio as far as I’m concerned.  Also, I want maximum effort on my lifts so I’m better off getting some extra zzzz’s than getting up to run or take another spin class.


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