Recipe – Iced Green Tea

July 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

It’s summer and that means drinking as much as possible over ice including your green tea.  In case you missed this from my previous blog, here’s a recipe for iced green tea that’s impossible to mess up.

What you’ll need:
12 – 15 green tea bags
a few lemons
superfine sugar or splenda to taste
medium pot with lid
drink pitcher

Take a medium pot and fill it water. Bring to a boil. Shut the stove off and add the tea bags in a bunch. The size of the pot and how strong you like your tea will determine how many tea bags you use. Let the strings hang over the side of the pot. Put the lid on it.

Let it steep until it’s cool enough to pour into a pitcher. Fill the remainder of the pitcher with cold water. Add the juice of about 2 lemons. I serve it in a glass with ice and some sliced lemon.  I like to serve the sugar and splenda on the side.

Also try this recipe with flavored green teas. I once used a pomagranate green tea and it was delicious!



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