Daily Log 8/2/09

August 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

I was all fueled up and ready to take on another training week this morning.  Yesterday was the usual diet with sushi for dinner.  I wanted to do some sprints at the track this morning but the grass pollen count is near the highest level (11 on a scale of 1 – 12), plus it’s dreadfully humid out so I went to the gym instead. 

I went to the organic farm and got lots of great produce today.  Beets, zucchini, cucumbers, and cilantro which cost me $6.  Then my mom picked blueberries, green beans, corn, and tomatoes at another local farm so I should be all stocked up for the week.


Here’s my day:

a.m. – Workout 1

1.  immediately following – syntrax nectar protein drink.  after shower – green drink organic coffee w/organic whole milk

2.  1 cup strawberry kefir, scoop of Miracle Reds, serving of Mrs. Mays nut and berry crunch

3.  Thai green shrimp curry w/green beans, bamboo shoots, 1/4 c brown rice, a pear

4.  smoothie – 1 cup coconut milk strawberry kefir, 1 cup water, a frozen banana, 1/4 c raw almonds, a tablespoon each of raw cacao nibs, hemp powder, flax meal – Serves 2 (split it with hubby)

5.  dark meat chicken, 1/4 c brown rice, roasted asparagus

Workout 2

6.  Blueberry crisp (will post recipe tomorrow), w/plain greek yogurt


Workout 1 – Sprints 1 min 8.5 mph – 10.5 mph, 2 min rest for 15, then additional 1 (45 sec) sprint at 10.5, and 1 (30 sec) sprint at 10.5.  I did some assisted chin ups.  The best were 2 at 25 lbs of assistance so 2×100 lb chin up.  Then I did it again 2×15 prone jackknife (I know, I know).

Workout 2 – 200 swings with a 12kg kettlebell.  Sets of 20 with 30 second rest between sets for a time of 10:49.  Then 5 min TGU practice with a water bottle.

Tomorrow is spinning.


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