Daily Log 8/19/09

August 19, 2009 § Leave a comment

It’s amazing what happens when you change some exercises.  I am having some major DOMS in shoulders and legs from the start of Phase 3 of New Rules of Lifting for Women. 

Here’s my day:


1.  syntrax nectar protein drink, green drink, organic coffee w/organic whole milk

2.  1 cup strawberry kefir w/scoop Miracle Reds, serving of almond blueberry crunch

3.  1 egg, 1 egg white over scalloped potatoes, baked beans (finally the last of the leftovers!)

4.  sugar snap peas w/3 tablespoons hummus

5.  dark meat chicken, carrot slaw, roasted asparagus


6.  plain greek yogurt, blueberries, nut and seed crunch bar



Kettlebell practice.  240 swings with 12kg in sets of 20 with 25 seconds rest.  Time was 11:37.  5 minutes TGU practice with an 8 lb dumbbell.  Just trying to get a feel for doing the exercise with weight.  I concentrated on keeping that arm steady and it felt pretty good.

Tomorrow morning is running super fast and my baby girl’s actual first birthday.  🙂


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