Daily Log 8/30/09

August 30, 2009 § 1 Comment

I felt like changing it up a bit this morning so I decided to do Randy Couture’s grappling barbell complex.  Great fun!  Yesterday’s diet was very good with Indian food for dinner.  I ordered chole peshwari, a spicy chickpea dish with fresh spices and ginger, basmati rice, and some naan to go with.  😉

Here’s my day:

a.m. – Workout 1

1.  immediately following – syntrax nectar protein drink, brown rice cake.  after shower – green drink, organic coffee w/organic 1% milk

2.  homeade beef jerky and Thai sticky rice.  Delicious!

3.  1 cup strawberry kefir w/scoop Miracle Reds, Mrs May’s nut berry crunch

Workout 2

4.  leftover eggplant parmesan, watermelon

5.  plain greek yogurt w/fresh strawberries, nut and seed crunch bar


Workout 1 – Randy Couture grappling circuit.  5 rounds w/35 lb barbell with 1 minute rest between rounds.  Total time was 19:23.  Here’s the exercises I did all x8:

  • bent over rows
  • military press
  • good morning
  • lunges
  • front squat push press
  • deadlift

35lb barbell was easy for maybe the first 2 or 3 rounds.  Rounds 4 and 5 were difficult but manageable.  I took upright rows out from the circuit and did front squat push press instead of a squat push press because I felt more comfortable doing that.  Here’s the link with video to the original killer workout.  I followed this sweatfest with 3 chin ups.  Yay!

Workout 2 – About 5 sprints outside for videotaping purposes.  My son joined in on the fun as well.  🙂

Tomorrow morning is spinning.


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§ One Response to Daily Log 8/30/09

  • Fred says:

    Nice complex, Julie! Very tough!
    Sounds like you’re becoming quite a “beast”, just like “strongsarah”!
    (And I hope you know I mean that in the MOST complementary way…)

    Beast = Strong Babe in this case

    Keep up the terrific work!



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