Daily Log 9/1/09

September 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

Well, I officially started the month with another killer workout. 

Here’s my day:


a.m. – workout 1

1.  immediately following – syntrax nectar protein drink, brown rice cake.  after shower – green drink, organic coffee w/organic milk

2.  1 cup strawberry kefir w/scoop Miracle Reds, serving of Mrs May’s nut berry crunch

3.  3 oz Thai beef jerky with sticky rice, cantaloupe

4.  handful veggie fries, raw sugar snap peas w/3 tablespoons hummus

5.  3 oz chicken breast, roasted asparagus

workout 2

5.  vanilla greek yogurt w/raw walnuts, nut and seed crunch bar


Workout 1 – New Rules of Lifting for Women, Phase 3, workout a

all are 3×6

one arm db snatch – 12, 15, 20

alternating – db single leg deadlift 12, 12, 15 and barbell bent over row 55, 55, 60

alternating – db single arm overhead squat 5/10, 5/10, 5/10 and db incline bench press 12, 15, 20

alternating – plank (90 second hold) and reverse wood chop 30, 40, 40

This portion of the workout was 52:19.  Now on to 2 rounds of “The Matrix”.

24 squats, 12 lunges, 12 lunge jumps, 24 squat jumps

Ready for this?  Round 1 was 2:52 and round 2 was 2:50.  Nearly 3o seconds shaved off from a week ago!  Amazing!  I am thinking this is kettlebell training working it’s magic on me.

Workout 2 – 5 mins TGU practice with a 12 lb dumbbell.  Foam rolling.

I don’t have a workout planned tomorrow morning and it’s good because it’s my son’s first day of school!


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