Training for Week 10/18 – 10/24/09

October 24, 2009 § Leave a comment

I have been missing for the last week but not to worry, the workouts carry on.  I am now halfway through Phase 5 of New Rules of Lifting for Women.  I calculated about 10 weeks left on the program which should put me right at the New Year.  My diet has been tight this week and it’s had to be from all the birthday celebrating I was doing the week before.  The abs are back :). 

Here’s how my week went:

Sunday – Kettlebell practice 109 16kg swings in 4:57.  Then 5 minutes of TGUs w/8kg.  Cleans, presses, and snatches w/8kg.  A few cleans w/12kg.

Monday – I decided to skip spin and ran sprints instead.  I did them according to NROL4W protocol. 1 minute work, 2 minute rest for 12 minutes 9 – 10 mph and I was sucking wind BAD.  Oh boy!  I haven’t ran sprints in over a week and they are obviously suffering.  Also did chin ups.

Tuesday – NROL4W Phase 5, workout A.  The weights are progressing  nicely.  PR for “the matrix” 2:24.  That is some serious ass kicking right there!

Wednesday – Kettlebell practice 163 16kg swings in 7:36, and 5 minutes TGU practice w/8kg.  A few snatches w/8kg.

Thursday – Treadmill sprints, NROL4W protocol.  9 mph to 10.5 mph.  Nice to see how fast the speed comes back.  🙂  Chin ups.

Friday – NROL4W, Phase 5 workout B.

Saturday – OFF

I wasn’t planning on running sprints 2x this week but I hate to suck at anything so I had to do them again to see if I could improve them and I did. 

Plan for next week:  lots of strength, sprints 1x (like I’m supposed to based on NROL4W), and possibly a spin class.


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