Jeans Party Recap

November 21, 2009 § 9 Comments

When I heard an old friend was having a jeans party, I jumped at the chance to attend.  I admit I’m a bit of a jeans addict but I stopped my designer jean buying ways since I’ve had kids and my body has changed so much.  Plus to commit to a pair of jeans and pay about $125 – $200 a pair when your body is always in limbo size wise is just not a good investment. 

Anyway, my friend told me they would have Rock & Republic, Paige, Citizens of Humanity, 7 for All Mankind, and Hudson jeans as well as Juicy Couture sweatsuits, and Rock & Republic and Ed Hardy hoodies.  I’m not a big sweatsuit girl, and I’m really not a big sweatsuit with alot of bling kid of girl, so I stuck with jeans.  All sweatsuits and jeans were $60 a pair, cash only.  Obviously not authentic but damn near close on most of them.

When I got to her house, the first thing I noticed was a U-haul van being unloaded into her garage and driveway.  I went in and said hello, had a little red wine, then I started what would be 2 hours of trying on jeans.  I tried on jeans so long they eventually had to tell me they were leaving so I would just get on with it!  I am extremely picky and was looking for the perfect fit.  I settled on two pairs, Citizens of Humanity and 7 for all Mankind jeans, both size 26. 

After the marathon jeans try on session, I had a nice glass of red wine and some snacks and caught up with my friend.  We figured out the last time we saw each other was shortly after I had my son in 2004.  We reconnected last year thanks to Facebook and it was really nice to laugh and reminisce.  My cheeks still hurt today from all the laughing.

For the folks that wanted to see the jeans and a little muscle if you’re into that ;), here you go!

Here’s two pics of 7 for All Mankind with Swarovski studded pockets:

Here’s a pic of the Citizens of Humanity pair.

I am happy I found a few pairs I liked and that fit well.  The party was so much fun for a jeans girl like me.  🙂


§ 9 Responses to Jeans Party Recap

  • Sarah says:

    FUN, Julie! All except the two hours spent trying the jeans on! I like the all dark pair best. 🙂

    Love the muscle shots! All your hard work with New Rules and kettlebells and eating well is paying off!

  • Fred says:

    Hey Julie! I have NO clue regarding designer jeans (I have a pair of beat-up old Levi’s 501s that I wear) but it sounds like you had a blast! Two words to describe your poses and the way your new jeans look, in my humble opinion:

    “WOW.” (and) “WOW!” You look AWESOME! Agree with Sarah 100% about NROL workin’ it’s magic on ya! Keep up the terrific work! Very inspirational.

  • greenteagrl says:

    Thanks for visiting and commenting! I have two words to explain my back….chin ups. 🙂
    Sarah – I like the dark pair best as well. The lighter pair is extremely soft and fits great so had to buy those too even though not totally crazy about the wash.
    Fred – My husband is with you Fred! He has no idea outside of Levi’s or Gap jeans but that’s okay, I love him anyway ;).

  • Jerry says:


    I’m very very glad you stayed away from the Ed Hardy…not a big Christian Audigier fan.

    Your shoulders and back are looking amazing! I also do NO back work outside of pullups. But I try to do a variety of pullups: Weighted, unweighted, Isometric hold, clapping, muscle-up, etc.

  • greenteagrl says:

    Thanks for visiting and the compliment Jerry. I work hard on that back! Ed Hardy is not really my style. I’m a little more boring I think. Plus skulls don’t really excite me.

  • Illyeanna says:

    Wow! Thanks for posting these, what an inspiration for me as a novice Kettlebell lifter and blue jean loving mom. You’ve inspired a new mini goal for me: fit beautifully into Levi’s 501 button-fly jeans.

    When I first came out of the closet in Atlanta in 1994, they were an essential part of the unofficial dyke uniform but I wasn’t built to wear them (translation, Levi didn’t make them in my size, then). Now that I’ve been working weekly with Jen Waak, an RKC in Seattle for 6 months, I can see that the day really will come when I’ll be able to look like that in a pair of jeans, maybe not for another 18 months, but I’ll get there, I really will.

    You’re tweets and posts never fail to pull a smile out of me on the toughest of days. I, too, love a good cup of tea and I’ll share with you a speech my 4 yo daughter recites from memory in self defense of her mother’s rants about all things healthy and especially tea:

    “These are the words, spoken to me when I was just a girl…the wisdom of my mother. No matter what challenges life may bring, whether small or large, never underestimate the power of a brisk walk, a hot, hot shower after a hard, hard day or a carefully prepared cup of tea.”

  • greenteagrl says:

    Thanks for commenting Illyeanna. 🙂 I am a kettlebell novice myself! I’ve only been practicing since July. I have no doubt that working with an RKC and being consistent, you will meet your goals and I want to see a picture of you in your jeans when you meet your goals!

  • marie says:

    You did good with your choices!!! Do you have information on who I can contact about hosting one of these jeans party?!?!?! I love love love designer jeans!!! thanks!!

    • greenteagrl says:

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any information on who to contact for a jeans party. I assume it’s just a word of mouth kind of thing. I am not sure where you are, but I’m in NJ. Maybe just ask around?

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