Training Week 11/29 – 12/5/09

December 5, 2009 § Leave a comment

This week was a great training week.  I got in all my scheduled workouts and did 1 rep each side of 12kg TGUs which I am very excited about.  Here’s my week:

Sunday, 11/29 – OFF

Monday, 11/30 – 45 minute spin class

Tuesday, 12/1 – New Rules of Lifting for Women, phase 6, workout A (time 23:40).

Wednesday, 12/2 – Kettlebell practice. 5 minutes TGUs.  1x each side with the 12kg, the rest of the time with 8kg.  9 minutes of 12kg one handed swings.  A few minutes of clean and press and snatch practice with 8kg.

Thursday, 12/3 – Treadmill sprints, chin ups.  25 minutes total with warm up.

Friday, 12/4 – New Rules of Lifting for Women, Phase 6, workout B (time 25:58).

Saturday, 12/5 – OFF

I haven’t taken a spin class in over 5 weeks and I have to say after taking it on Monday, I don’t miss it too much.  I may take a class once in a while but not as part of my schedule every week.   

In other news, I’ve added a 10kg kettlebell to my holiday wish list.  Pressing the 8kg is getting much easier and 12kg is too difficult, so my thinking is I can use the 10kg for pressing and TGUs.  If you’ve missed my holiday wish list, check it out here.

Plan for next week:  kick ass, take names.  Until next week, train hard. 🙂


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