Training Week 1/17 – 1/23/10

January 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

My first week off of New Rules and I really didn’t know what to do first.  It feels kind of weird going back to writing my own workouts.  I decided to keep kettlebells on seperate days and combine traditional weight training with TRX exercises on other days until I start Enter the Kettlebell which will likely be in a few weeks.

Here’s my week:

Sunday, 1/17 – OFF

Monday, 1/18 – 30 second sprints, 1 minute rest for approx 12 minutes, chin ups.

Tuesday, 1/19 – barbell squats 3×6, then superset TRX atomic push ups and one leg DL, superset bulgarian split squat and TRX row.  Time 28 minutes.

Wednesday, 1/20 – 45 minute spin class

Thursday, 1/21 – kettlebell practice.  16kg swings – 10 rounds of 1 minute sets with 25 seconds of rest switching to 12kg hand to hand swings when my grip was failing.  440 swings.  A few 10kg clean and press.

Friday, 1/22 – OFF

Saturday, 1/23 – Deadlifts 3×6, then superset TRX deep chest press and reverse lunges, superset chin ups and TRX suspended pendulums.  2 rounds of 12 jump squats and 12 lunge jumps.  Time 25 minutes.

Not sure what’s up for next week yet but I need to be doing more kettlebell work so I’ll give it some thought.

Until next week friends, train hard.  🙂


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