Training Week 1/24 – 1/30/10

January 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve realized one this thing week that I’m not really happy about.  My pressing sucks!  First I’ll tell you about my week, and then I’ll discuss why my pressing needs improvement.

Sunday, 1/24 – kettlebell practice.  20 minutes alternating single 12kg TGUs and 25 (16kg) swings.  Total of 11 TGUs and 275 swings.

Monday, 1/25 – Sprints and chin ups.

Tuesday, 1/26 – barbell squats, superset TRX atomic push ups and one legged deadlifts, superset split squat (rear foot elevated) and TRX row.  Time 33 minutes.

Wednesday, 1/27 – 45 minute spin class

Thursday, 1/28 – kettlebell practice – 3 ladders, 3 rungs clean + press.  First ladder with 10kg, the last 2 ladders with 8kg.  Then one 10kg clean + press per side. 16kg swings – 5 rounds of 40 seconds on/25 seconds rest.  146 total swings.

Friday, 1/29 – OFF

Saturday, 1/30 – deadlifts, superset TRX deep chest presses and reverse lunges, superset chin ups and TRX suspended pendulums.  Time 26:38.  Then decided to do 3 rounds of 12 squat jumps and 12 lunge jumps taking 1 minute of rest between rounds.

So, back to why my pressing sucks.  Christmas eve 2008, I went out to start my truck to head to the gym and I took a bad fall in the driveway on my left elbow.  There was black ice and I was in such a rush that I am surprised I didn’t break a bone or shatter my elbow.  In any case, I had trouble with pressing movements for many months after that.  Even now, I still struggle.  Kettlebell training has forced me to address this imbalance.  There’s no cheating!  I am strong at pulling, but pressing needs serious help.  I’m going to focus on pressing the next few weeks before I start Enter the Kettlebell.  The best way I know how to improve my press is to press often so I am planning on doing just that.

My workout schedule is going to change a bit starting next week.  My gym is offering spin class 5 mornings a week (instead of 3), so I have some flexibility to change my schedule and get in my one class per week that I enjoy.

Stay tuned for an Indian cooking update post.  Until next week friends, train hard.  🙂


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