Training Week 2/28 – 3/6/10

March 6, 2010 § 4 Comments

This was a really great training week.  I had two PRs this week for deadlifts and kettlebell pressing.

Here’s my week:

Sunday, 2/28 – Deadlift 3×2.  PR 135 (more than my bodyweight!) for 2 reps.  Clean, push press, and pull ladders with 10kg.  4 ladders, 4 rungs (80 reps).  100 hand to hand 16kg swings done in sets of 20 with NO grip failure.  Time 36:20. 

Monday, 3/1 – 45 minute spin class.

Tuesday, 3/2 – Barbell squat 4×2.  12kg clean and push press alternating with TRX push up, then 12kg TGU alternating with TRX suspended pendulums.  Metabolic finisher – 2 sets of 12 jump squats, 20 swings, 12 lunge jumps, 45 secs rest.  Time 32 minutes.

Wednesday, 3/3 – OFF

Thursday, 3/4 – Randy Couture MMA barbell complex.  8 reps of bent rows, military presses, good mornings, lunges, front squat push presses, deadlifts, 1 minute rest.  Repeat for 5 rounds.  I used a 40lb barbell for the first round, then switched to 35 lb.  Time 17:38.  Then 100 (16kg) swings in sets of 25 w/10 seconds rest.

Friday, 3/5 – Tough 45 minute spin class.

Saturday, 3/6 – Clean, press, and pull ladders using 10kg and strict form (for the first time!!!).  3 ladders, 3 rungs (36 reps).  Metabolic finisher – 6 rounds of 3 (16kg) goblet squats, 10 squat jumps, 10 swings, 20 seconds rest.  Total time – 23 minutes.

In other news, I’ll be starting Enter the Kettlebell program on Monday.  It will last 12 weeks and I’m looking forward to building some pressing strength!  I feel confident completing this with 10kg for pressing and 16kg for swings. 

I am also going to sign up for a 5K for Saturday, June 5th.  Not looking for any PRs.  I just want to have a fun run with my sister and a few moms from my son’s school.  I haven’t run at all for the last month and I don’t plan on starting again until the end of March.  This will give me a full 2 month break and 9 weeks before the race.

In addition, since Spring is upon us and I have terrible seasonal allergies, I’ve decided to remove dairy for 3 weeks and see if it makes a difference in the post nasal drip and mucus I will develop once the weather changes.  This is going to be a difficult experiment for me.  I grew up eating alot of dairy products and drinking milk.  I also grew up with chronic sinus infections, allergies, and asthma.  As an adult, the only dairy I consume is kefir, greek yogurt, and cheese.  I will update the status on this experiment every week as well.  I’m trying to save some of the money I will hand over to “big pharma” for allergy meds and spend it something better, like a new 20kg kettlebell.  🙂

Until next week friends, train hard.  🙂


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§ 4 Responses to Training Week 2/28 – 3/6/10

  • Sarah says:

    Way to go, Julie!! You are one of the most focused and dedicated people I know!! You will not have trouble sticking to any plan, be it ETK , your new eating regime, or anything else you decide upon. I am so happy to see you have such great success. 🙂 Power to YOU!

  • greenteagrl says:

    Thanks for visiting and commenting. I feel the same about you, my friend! 🙂

  • Fred says:

    Wow “Jules”! That’s an AWESOME week.
    (Remind me NEVER to train with YOU! You’d run circles around me and I’d be reduced to a quivering puddle of sweat!) Way to go Julie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You rock, girl.



  • greenteagrl says:

    Thanks for stopping by Fred! I’ve been spending a good amount of time this winter just lifting weights. I only do cardio 1-2x per week. I’m kind of looking forward to picking back up with the running so I can see more of that hard earned muscle. 🙂

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