Training Week 3/28 – 4/3/10

April 3, 2010 § 3 Comments

This was a tough week for me.  I struggled through Enter the Kettlebell, medium day 5 ladders, 4 rungs. I had to push press 4 reps which is not doing the program as it’s written.  This program is for strict presses, not push presses.  I just couldn’t dig deep enough to push those 4 out.  ETK, heavy day was today and it was supposed to be 5 ladders, 5 rungs and I knew there was no way I could do it.  I decided to try 5×4 again, and this time I was able to push it out, no push presses!

This was the whole week:

Sunday, 3/28 – barbell squats, 1 half 16kg TGU per side, then superset of romanian deadlift, TRX chest press, and TRX suspended pendulum with pike.  To finish:  3 rounds of 20 (16kg) swings, 12 lunge jumps, 20 skips rope, 45 seconds rest.  Time 30:09.

Monday, 3/29 – OFF

Tuesday, 3/30 – ETK light day.  10kg clean, press, pull ladders.  5 ladders, 3 rungs (60 presses), 8 minutes of snatches 5 per side, 30 seconds rest.  7 rounds and 70 snatches completed.  Time 35:08.

Wednesday, 3/31 – Treadmill run.  5 minute warm up, followed by 2 miles at 9:40 pace, and 5 minute cool down.

Thursday, 4/1 – ETK medium day.  10kg clean, press, pull ladders.  5 ladders, 4 rungs (100 presses).  Had to push press 4 reps all on the left side.  Boo! 😦  8 minutes of swings.  30 swings, 20 secs rest.  7 rounds, 210 reps.  Time 48:56.

Friday, 4/2 – OFF

Saturday, 4/3 – ETK heavy day.  10kg clean, press, pull ladders.  5 ladders, 4 rungs (100 presses).  3 minutes of 16kg swings.  25 swings 5 seconds rest.  4 rounds, 100 swings.  Time 41:20.

I’d say the last 4 ETK workouts in general, my left elbow has been twinging during and for a long time after the workouts.  I think based on this, I’m going to take next week off and repeat week 8.  I’m hoping a good stretch of rest will really help me.  I am willing to push myself but I am not willing to be injured, so this is just what I have to do.  I’m going to have to suck it up. 

In addition, I ran a few miles on Wednesday.  I felt great as I was running, but I was pretty sore for a few days after.  I am a little shocked, but this just reminds me that I need to change it up often to keep progressing. 

Also, in case you missed my good friend, Fred’s post about me and our friend, Sarah, check it out here.  Also, stay tuned to next Wednesday to see Sarah featured as “Comrade of the Week”. 

Until next week friends, train hard.  🙂


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§ 3 Responses to Training Week 3/28 – 4/3/10

  • Beth says:

    Hi Julie! Great training week! I am a week behind you due to our holiday, but I think I will also struggle with the increase in rungs next week. I see me doing a couple of weeks of 3/4/4 before moving up to 3/4/5. I will stick with it though and we will both get there! Great job on dragons door too 🙂

  • greenteagrl says:

    Hi Beth! Week 8 is killer! 5×4 is 100 presses, and heavy day 5×5 is 150 presses. An extra 50 presses is HUGE! I am hoping to complete the full week 8 after I take a rest. Eventually I’ll get there! 🙂

  • Beth says:

    Hey Julie! Just seen your reply – I’ve just blogged about my attempt at week 8 (or week 4 as I’m calling it!) – I had a bash and the 5×5 but didn’t manage all the reps! I’m going to take next week off as I am hugely busy with my classes, so will be back in sync with you and Lillian the following week. Yay!

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