Training Week 4/4 – 4/10/10

April 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

This will be the easiest training post in a while.  No training all week!  I gave my elbow and body a well deserved rest and I feel great.  Sleeping and good nutrition was the focus.  Looking back at my training logs, I haven’t had a rest since December.  Rest is a part of any good training program.  I should know better! 

I had a great Easter and I did have some dairy in the form of five cheese eggplant rollatini, and strawberry cheesecake.  Yikes!  I also got a bad sinus headache that day and have been fighting allergy symptoms all week.  I have resisted taking allergy medicines preferring to let my immune system do some work.  I’ve been resting, supplementing with high doses of vitamin C, and one or two times daily neti-pot rinses and I feel pretty good considering.  I think I will feel much better once the tree pollen gets out of super high levels.

In case you are not on Twitter and follow the very inspirational and beautiful @strongsarah, she bravely underwent mastectomy and reconstructive surgery last Tuesday.  You can follow her journey as an athlete surviving cancer at  In addition, Sarah was featured as “Comrade of the Week” at  A wonderful friend to me and a true inspiration! 

Next week, I will repeat week 8 of Enter the Kettlebell.  When I complete it, I will be so thrilled!

Until next week friends, train hard!  🙂


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