My Favorite Fitness Gear

April 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

I wouldn’t be able to accomplish as much as I do in my workouts without the proper gear.  These are just a few items I use nearly every workout.

Product: Under Armour TNP Tank

Why I love it: It’s very flattering and makes arms and shoulders look great (working out helps too). If you are slightly long waisted like me, this tank won’t ride up when you are doing presses or any overhead movements. YES! It’s part of UA’s heat gear collection so it will also keep you cool during a hot summer run. I have one in every color!

Cost: The website says $24.99, however, if you have a UA outlet near you, I’ve seen them for as low as $10 at the end of the summer.

Here’s a photo of the back of the tank on the lovely @strongsarah.

Here’s a front view of me wearing it:

Where you can find out more: Here’s the link to the product on the UA site.  If you have a bunch of gear to get, UA is running free shipping for orders over $99, but only for a limited time.


Product: Jump Rope

Why I love it: It’s an inexpensive and portable way to do cardio. I have come to love jump rope because it’s FUN!

Cost: This is going to vary greatly, but I love my plastic jump rope I got at Target for $5.


Where you can find out more: Visit any sporting goods store, Target, or Walmart and pick one up!


Product: Sigg Refillable Water Bottle with Sport Top

Why I love it: It’s stylish, I’m not contributing to plastic bottle pollution, and I’m staying hydrated during a workout.  It’s extremely durable.  I’ve had mine for over 2 years and it still looks brand new.  Each member of my family has their own Sigg bottle.

Cost: It varies based on the size and type of bottle you get.


Where you can find out more: Visit the Sigg USA website, or check prices on  Sigg has free shipping for orders over $50 right now. No coupon code required.


Product: Gymboss Interval Timer

Why I love it: You can set this timer a million different ways to torture challenge yourself. You can set it for 30 seconds of work, and 20 seconds of rest for 10 rounds in just a few seconds. You can complete your set and just hit the start button to give yourself a minute of rest. If you can think it up, this little timer can make it happen. I have two of them, and I use at least one during every workout.

Cost: $19.95 ($22.90 total with shipping). Colors available are silver, black, hot pink, and new camoflage!


Where you can find out more: This is a link to Gymboss site. Note: If you click on the link and purchase the product, I will get a small percentage for referring you.

What fitness gear do you use all the time? I’d love to hear what you can’t live without!


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