Anniversary Dinner at Morimoto’s

April 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

My husband and I just celebrated our 10 year wedding annniversary last week.  When we were planning what to do to celebrate, I automatically recalled a wonderful dinner we had 6 years ago at Morimoto’s Restaurant in Philadelphia.  I am a huge fan of the Iron Chef, and not Iron Chef America on the Food Network.  The old Iron Chef, taped in Japan with someone translating.  Those were the best!  They still play them on the Fine Living Network, by the way.  I especially loved Chef Morimoto’s creative dishes and he always seemed to win most of the battles.

Our last dinner was so memorable, we decided to go again.  We intended on getting the tasting menu again.  Omakase, which means “entrust” or “chef’s choice”, is a multi-course tasting menu of the chef’s best dishes based on what is freshest and available at the time.  We arrived at the restaurant 20 minutes before our reservation and sat upstairs in the lounge for a cocktail.  I had a “White Pear”, which is Grey Goose Vodka, Morimoto Junmai Sake, and St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur over ice.  So amazing, I had 3 of them!  🙂  My husband had some Japanese beer, Kirin Light.  Here’s a photo of my white pear cocktail:

After placing our order for the Omakase, the waiter asks if there are any food allergies or aversions.  I told the waiter that I am not a fan of umi, better known as sea urchin.  As each course is introduced, the waiter explains what’s in the dish, and how to eat it to best enjoy it.  Here’s the part where I attempt to recall what was in the each of the courses.  I know it’s going be a problem, but I’ll do my best!  I have some bad iPhone pics to accompany each dish.

First course – Tuna tartare with crispy shallots mixed in.  There’s caviar on top.  The tartare was sitting in a mix of soy sauce and miso I think.  The idea was to take a little bit of wasabi, and then have a bite of the tuna with the sauce.  After you were done, you ate this red berry with a seed in it on the side of the plate. I can’t recall the name.

Second course – Oysters from Japan prepared 3 ways.  The one on the far right (blocked by the flower, sorry) was an oyster with a chopped ginger salsa, the oyster in the middle had a cilantro leaf and some lime, the oyster on the far right was Thai inspired, with fish sauce and a thin sliced jalapeno.

Third course – Scallop ceviche.  This was amazing and by far my favorite course!  It was sitting in a sauce that was spicy.  That’s all I can recall about it!

Fourth course – Salmon and jackfish (that’s what my husband says, but I’m not sure) sashimi with micro greens sitting on a creamy dressing.

Fifth course  – Palate cleanser intermezzo.  A taste of elderflower and lime soda.  Very refreshing!

Sixth course – Lobster with creme fraiche and chives on the side.  I tried to eat this slowly to enjoy it!!! 🙂

Seventh course – 3 rare slices of kobe beef with a slaw on top.  The beef was amazingly tender.

Eighth course – Traditional sushi.  I know the far right is giant clam and next to that is striped bass.  The rest I cannot recall!

Ninth course – A fresh mint and lime mousse over a chocolate cake.  I ordered some green tea to go with it.  That is a candle on the plate.  My husband had one on his plate also.  The wait staff came over to wish us a very happy 10th wedding anniversary.  🙂

After over 3 hours in the restaurant, we were totally stuffed.  What I love about the tasting is that there isn’t a ton of carbs.  The food is very light and fresh.  The last two courses had some carbs but it’s at the end so that’s okay.  🙂  Also, they don’t rush you out.  There’s time between courses to talk and just BE together.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?  I would describe the restaurant as having a fun and modern atmosphere.  Here’s a photo of us at the front of the restaurant before leaving:

If you are ever in the Philadelphia area and want to try some amazing Japanese cuisine, you MUST check out Morimoto’s!  Here’s their website to find out more information.


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