Recap: “Run a Muck” 5K

May 15, 2010 § 3 Comments

Well, the highly anticipated mud run is now OVER! I was very anxious about this race because 1. I don’t run much; and 2. because of the mud. You might wonder why I would even do a race like this since I don’t seem to be a fan of mud, and the honest truth is, to live outside my box. We all need to do it every now and again!

Let me start at the beginning. One of the moms from my son’s school told me about this race and when I looked at the website, I thought, why not? We tried recruiting other moms and two of them looked SO promising! It didn’t help that they were drinking when they agreed though….so it was just two of us.

The race started at 9:30 am and the park is about an hour from us. This meant getting up about 5:30 am, having breakfast, and getting out the door about 7:15 am. A big plus was that the weather forecast was calling for 75 and sunny and it was truly perfect weather. We arrived at the park and found out the parking area was a half mile from the race start. We walked to the starting area and got our bib numbers. The first thing we noticed was the large mud pit at the finish line! Here it is:

We pinned our numbers on, duct taped our sneakers to our ankles, and got our goggles out. Here we are before the race:

I noticed there was a guy wearing Vibram Five Fingers KSOs! Everyone else seemed to wear old running sneakers. There was a bag check so we were able to leave our things. We walked around and found the outdoor showers and changing tents. We waited what seemed like forever, and then we were off!

The first part of the run was in grass over a soccer field. We got to our first obstacle which was a fence we had to climb over. There were a few more before we reached deep woods where the trail was very narrow with muddy areas. The terrain was varied, from grassy areas, to very muddy areas, to fine gravel, to big rocks. My strategy was to stay dry as long as possible (to avoid blisters), walk in highly muddy areas if I needed to, and ultimately finish without injury. I was not concerned with my time AT all. There was one part of the trail that was sloped and very muddy. I could totally see myself twisting my ankle. Not something I was interested in doing. In any case, there were 3 mud pits, several fences to climb, a 4 foot rock climbing wall, and agility drills.

I got pretty banged up in the final mud pit. Under all that water is gravel and rocks and my knees and hands took a beating. I am still finding cuts and bruises. After we took a few pictures, we got our bags and headed over to the outdoor showers. It just seemed like the mud was not rinsing off and it was everywhere, even in our ears. From there, I tossed my sneakers (they were a half size too small anyway), and headed over to the changing tents. We stayed a little longer to have a snack and watch the next group of participants go through the finish line. After that, we were ready to go.

I packed us lunch, so we ate that on the ride home and talked about the day. All in all, it was a fun run that I would totally do again. Next time I would try to form a group or register as a “costumed” participant. If you want to find out more about “Run a Muck”, check out their website

Oh, I almost forgot the best part. Here’s me after the run:


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