Recap: Meditation Workshop

August 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

I recently attended a meditation workshop to learn the basics.  I would honestly say I’d rate learning how to meditate right up there with learning how to cook for yourself.  It’s essential.  I first learned to meditate while becoming certified as a Reiki practitioner about 7 years ago.  I remember feeling very peaceful then, and I don’t know why I stopped.  Probably life just got in the way.

This workshop was held at a local yoga center taught by the owner.  At first I thought, how could they talk about meditation for 2 hours, but the time was spent doing several types of meditation and talking about our experiences in between.  The workshop actually ended up being about 2 1/2 hours.

A few of the meditations:

1.  Imagining you were sitting at the bottom of a lake and bubbles are rising from you.  As each bubble was rising, imagining an emotion or bad feeling floating up to the surface with that bubble.

2.  Putting color to the breath.  Imagining breathing in pink, fresh, balanced air, and breathing out gray, negative feelings.

3.  Chakra meditation – This was a guided meditation, where the instructor talked about the different chakras, the color, element, feelings, and words associated with it. 

4.  Sound meditation – This was meditating to the sounds of bells.

5.  Meditating while focusing on each part of the body to relax.  This was a guided meditation also.

All of the meditations were powerful but some were more than others. The instructor talked about how one method may work for you for a little while and then you may need to change it.  Duration is not as important as the quality.  If you meditate for 10 minutes and only able to truly meditate the last 3 minutes, that’s still a considered a successful meditation.  Positions to meditate are sitting up tall and straight, palms up resting and on the knees, or laying down palms facing up. 

I felt lighter after the workshop and I look forward to incorporating this once again into my daily life.


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