Training Weeks 9/5 – 9/25/10

September 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

I didn’t fall off the face of the earth!  Like everyone else it seems, I’ve just had so much going on.  I’ll explain after I tell you what I’ve been doing.  Here’s my updated training.

Sunday, 9/5 – OFF

Monday, 9/6 – 30 rounds of 15:15 alternating swings & jump rope, then 10 rounds of 15:15 of just jump rope.  Time 20 minutes.

Tuesday, 9/7 – Squat, push ups, seated rows, step ups, prone jackknife.  Time 26:32.

Wednesday, 9/8 – 15:15 20kg swings, then 15:15 jump rope.  Total time 15:10.

Thursday, 9/9 – OFF

Friday, 9/10 – 1 hour spin

Saturday, 9/11 – OFF


Sunday, 9/12 – deadlift, db shoulder press, wide lat pulldown, lunge, swiss ball crunch. Time 25:15.

Monday, 9/13 – This is terrible but I can’t seem to understand what I wrote in my training notebook.  It’s something about jump rope and the total time was 8:40.

Tuesday, 9/14 – Squat, pushup, seated row, step ups, prone jackknife.  Time 16:30.

Wednesday, 9/15 – 20 rounds 15:15 alternating 20kg swings and jump rope.  10 minutes of fun.

Thursday, 9/16 – OFF

Friday, 9/17 – 1 12kg TGU, 10 20kg swings x10 rounds.

Saturday, 9/18 – OFF


Sunday, 9/19 – deadlift, db shoulder press, wide lat pulldown, lunges, swiss ball crunch. Time 11:45.

Monday, 9/20 – 12kg hand to hand swings, clean, squat, push press, snatches.  15 minutes of fun in my backyard.  🙂

Tuesday, 9/21 – OFF

Wednesday, 9/22 – OFF

Thursday, 9/23 – 12kg hand to hand swings, snatches, clean, squat, push presses.  More fun in my backyard!  🙂  Time 18 minutes.

Friday, 9/24 – chin ups, squats, step ups, pec deck, superset dips with prone jackknife push up combo.  Then three 1 minute sprint intervals on the treadmill.  Time on the treadmill was 10 minutes, total workout about 30 minutes.

Saturday, 9/25 – OFF


Over time, I’ve been slowly moving toward eating a plant based diet.  About 4 weeks ago, I decided I was going to eat  vegan for a period of time and see how it went.  I found a good vitamin supplement and I planned to supplement with Sun Warrior sprouted brown rice powder 2 times per day to be sure I was meeting my protein requirement.  I do not eat wheat and planned on continuing that.  I also do not eat processed soy or any soy really in general.  This was a definite challenge!

The results of this experiment is that it’s not for me.  I was so lethargic.  My strength and bodyfat suffered even though I worked hard to make sure I was getting enough protein and continuted with the same workouts.  I noticed I was not feeling full after meals and if the balance of protein was not perfect, I felt lightheaded or hypoglycemic.  The middle of last week, I started craving a turkey dinner and chicken liver pate.  Because my energy was so low, I decided to add meats back in with lots of healthy fats and vegetables and I feel SO much better.  My energy and strength is much better.  I need less sleep and feel rested when I wake up and most importantly, I’m starting to see my abs again.  All is right with the world again!  😉

I’ve placed an order with U.S. Wellness Meats and I’m waiting for that to come in.  My choice to eat meat means I want to have good quality, grass fed product.  It’s important to me to not support factory farming, which was one of my reasons to try going vegan in the first place.  I realize this is not realistic for everyone, but I’m willing to sacrifice other luxuries so my family and I can have good quality meat. 

It’s worth noting that this is my own personal experience and should not be taken as medical advice. 

I’m so glad to be feeling better and back on track.  Until next week friends, train hard!  🙂


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