Training Week 10/3 – 10/9/10

October 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

This was an unusual week.  I slept late often and did my workouts in the late afternoon.  This is an ideal time for me but it’s hard to be sure to get workouts at that time because of family obligations.

Here’s my week:

Sunday, 10/3 – OFF

Monday, 10/4 – 12kg clean, press, reverse lunge, TRX row, goblet squat, TRX chest press, RDL, then 10 rounds 15:15 alternating  jump squats and 20kg swings.  Time 27:27.

Tuesday, 10/5 – OFF

Wednesday, 10/6 – barbell squat, incline bench press, step ups, seated row, 1 leg deadlift, then 5 rounds 15;15 jump rope.  Time 24:26.

Thursday, 10/7 – 12kg kettlebell fun. 1 TGU and 3 burpee circuit x10, then 10 rounds 15:15 one hand swings, then swing, high pull, snatchx10.  Time 20 minutes.

Friday, 10/8 – chin ups, then 3×8 supersets of squats and pec dec, high row and step ups, dips and prone jackknife push ups.  10 minutes on the treadmill doing various sprints from 45 seconds to 1 minute each.  Time was a little over 30 minutes.

Saturday, 10/9 – OFF

I ordered a 14kg kettlebell for my birthday and it will be here on Monday, just in time for a birthday workout on Wednesday!  Looking forward to it!

Until next week friends, train hard!  🙂


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