Training Week 10/10 – 10/16/10

October 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Great week of training and I made it another year!   Happy birthday to me!

Here’s my week:

Sunday, 10/10 – deadlifts, reverse lunges, wide lat pulldown, db squat, push ups.  Time 24 minutes.

Monday, 10/11 – Sprints.  With warm up and cool down about 25 minutes.

Tuesday, 10/12 – 6 rounds of one 14kg TGU, 3 jump squats, then 10 rounds 15:15 14kg hand to hand swings.  Handful of 14kg snatches.  Time was about 20 minutes.

Wednesday, 10/13 – Happy 37th birthday to me!  To celebrate, I did split squats, 14kg kettlebell clean squat push press, flat bench press, romanian deadlifts, db rows.  8 rounds of 37:37 – 20kg swings, jump rope, jump squats, 12kg snatches. Time was 35:52.

Thursday, 10/14 – OFF

Friday, 10/15 – barbell squats, kettlebell clean and press, TRX push up/jackknife, wide lat pulldown, db single leg deadlift.  Time 23 minutes followed by 23 minute brisk walk around the neighborhood pushing a stroller.

Saturday, 10/16 – 20 minutes of this circuit:  One 14kg TGU, 10 20kg swings, 20 skips rope, 20 seconds rest.  9 rounds.

That’s all she wrote.  Until next week friends, train hard!  🙂


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