Recap: Women’s Self Defense Seminar

March 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Taking a women’s self defense seminar is something, as a woman, you know you should do.  I know, there’s going through the hassle of finding one, signing up, driving there when we all have busy lives.  There’s always a million things that need to get done in a day.  I will say after taking this class, it’s something you want to move up on your priority list. 

In my area there has been an increase in car and home break ins, car jackings, etc. and considering these are deperate times for alot of people, being able to protect yourself is even more important.  The seminar was taught by students from BJJ Shore Academy.  Many of the students are also local law enforcement.  46 women attended inclucing myself.  Many were young, high school and college age, but there were also older women there too. 

The main point law enforcement was trying to drive home was to really be fully aware of your surroundings.  We are all walking around distracted.  Talking or texting on the phone being the big one.  I mean, did you hear about the woman texting and walking into a water fountain at a shopping mall.  HELLO?!?  I am guilty of sitting in my truck in a parking lot about to go into a store, doors unlocked, sending a text.  This is the perfect opportunity for someone to just walk up and open the door and pull you out to steal your car.  Also, if someone looks suspicious, they probably are.  Taking a few extra minutes so you and a suspicious person are not walking out of a store at the same time could save your life.

The seminar was 2 hours.  We went over how to get away from someone that is trying to grab you, how to fall and get up properly, how to get out of a choke hold, and how to fight from the ground.  Really interesting and practical information.

I highly suggest if there is one of these classes in your area to take it and encourage other women to take it.  It could save your life.


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