Recap: TRX Certification

March 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

As some of you may know, I completed a TRX Suspension Training Course yesterday and it was outstanding. The certification was held by “Fitness Anywhere” which is the company that owns TRX. Our instructor informed us that they are in a transition and will be called “TRX Training” since most people identify with the TRX name. I knew TRX was a very versatile piece of equipment because I’ve owned one for the last almost year and a half. While I do use it often, I was doing familiar exercises on it and didn’t want to mess with the adjustments too much. Well that has changed!

I arrived at the gym location and signed some paperwork to receive my manual. The instructor arrived with Vibram Five Fingers on. I love what’s going on already!

After a short introduction, the instructor talks about the the proper names for the adjustments and hooks on the TRX and how to adjust it to three different lengths and single handle mode. From there, she has us pair up with a partner. One partner is in group A, the other in group B. She teaches group A an exercise, then they teach the exercise to group B as if you are training them. We would then switch. I thought this was great so we could all get experience teaching and cueing.

From there we go into how to change the restistance on the TRX based on your body angle, which they refer to as “Vector Resistance Principle”. Changing the resistance based on your starting point in relation to the anchor point, they refer to as “Pendulum Principle”. Lastly, changing the base of support (from two legs to one leg for example), they refer to as “Stability Principle”. This makes me believe even more that the TRX can be adjusted to all levels of fitness, even “Homer”, the couch potato. It’s so simple to change the level of intensity just by walking back a few steps or lifting one foot.

Next, we went through a 12 exercise full body routine. 45 second exercise interval followed by 20 second transition. Adjusting the TRX during a 20 second rest was not as difficult as I thought and the workout was tough! Here’s a photo of group A going through the workout:
From there, we broke for lunch. Just in time! I’m starving!

When we returned, we went through the entire exercise catalog. Learning and teaching to our partner or being taught. Excellent! What I love about the manual is that each exercise gives you the strap length so you know immediately the right adjustment. Next, we learned how to attach the TRX to a tree properly for outside training. Good practical information.

From there, we broke into groups of 6 people and received a “client” that needed a program. My group got a 30 year old stay at home mom, who works out 3x a week, and plays tennis during the weekend. She wanted something to target her abs, tighten up her thighs, and good cardio. We came up with 6 exercises in a matter of minutes. SO simple!

If you are considering teaching TRX or just want to add it to your exercise routine to its full potential, I highly suggest this course. While most everyone was a trainer, bootcamp instructor, or gym owner, I found I fit right in. What does that mean? 😉 Here’s a photo of our class. That’s me on the right in the blue tank.

On the business side, TRX Training will now be adding an instructor directory to their website. If you take any of their certifications, you will be listed in this directory. A big bonus! In addition, they offer an affiliate program which I am now a proud member of. LOVE this product! If you purchase anything from an affiliate link, YOU as the consumer receive a free gift. How great is that?!?

To find out more about TRX suspension trainers and to watch them in action, go to

Thank you for visiting and reading about my experience!


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