My Journey

My journey to fitness started about 15 years ago after hours of commuting and a desk job caused me to put on more than just a few pounds. I had not a clue where to start since I’d always been a thin kid, a junk food junkie, and had no athletic ability whatsoever. Probably like most people looking for information, I turned to fitness magazines for workouts, tips, and inspriration. Over the years, I’ve followed the fads:  low fat, no fat, low carb, no carb, high reps, low reps, diet pills, etc. I did all the “6 weeks to abs” workouts and there were some changes but nothing close to those fitness magazine models!

At some point, my metabolism and immune system just shut down.  I could not lose weight no matter what I did, and I would consistently catch every cold bug out there.  I had horrible joint pain, and was almost diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis before I decided to actually DO something about it.  Turning to organic produce, green tea, beans, and occasionally hormone free chicken and wild caught fish, I was able to lose 20 pounds in just a few months. I excluded any processed foods, breads, wheat, and alcohol sticking mainly to rice (white and brown), quinoa, and organic potatoes for carbohydrates. I felt good and my body never functioned better.  Shortly after I lost the weight, I found out I was pregnant with my second child.  When she was 6 weeks old, I started the journey to change my body composition.

Over the years I’ve read a ton of information on health, food, and exercise.  My quest for better health even convinced me to change careers completely.  In 2002 I became a Certified Massage Therapist specializing in pre-natal massage.  I worked for a Chriropractor doing pre-adjustment work on patients but carpal tunnel stopped me from going back to it after my first pregnancy.  I am also a Reiki 2 practioner.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love fitness, wellness, and food, and this blog is being created so I can share it with you.


§ 5 Responses to My Journey

  • Deana says:

    From your very first blog follower way back in the day, I just want to say that I love your new blog and I am so excited and happy that you have definately found a way to share your passion for food and health!

    • greenteagrl says:

      Hello my loyal follower! Thanks for stopping by. I am excited that this blog will let me do more of what I originally planned to do.

  • CarieDM says:

    Julie, first let me say I stumbled across your blog and am loving it. I hate to post it here *but* I’m wondering if you’re the Julie who used to work at Mother Merrill in Private Equity. There simply can’t be two people with the same name. If it is you, I’m very happy for where life has taken you.

    BTW, I am introducing my boss to your blog as I feel a lot of the info you offer will help him with some health issues he has had, of late.


  • greenteagrl says:

    I am laughing because I am the Julie that used to work for Merrill Lynch! It has been a LONG time! I am going to send an email to the address you posted if that’s okay?

    Thank you for checking out my blog, commenting, and passing it on to a friend. 🙂


  • CarieDM says:

    I’m so excited! Please, please, please use my e-addy anytime.


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