So much gym time and nothing to show for it?  Sound familiar?  Well, that happened to me for YEARS.  I signed up for road races and sometimes went to the gym twice a day.  Without a clear plan and doing WAY too much cardio, I was just spinning my wheels.

In 2001, I tried a more “structured” training program and did Body for Life.  I figured I could commit myself to 12 weeks and see what happens.  Well, I didn’t take measurements or pics but at the end of 12 weeks, I felt I looked bloated and there was no real definition like I was looking for.  So much for that.

In the last few years, I adopted a full body routine of a push, pull, quad dominant, hip dominant, and core.  I would pick from a list and rotate between them.  Usually doing supersets and very little rest time.  I would also run and do sprints.  This worked great but I felt it was time to switch it up again.

I decided to give structured routines another try and did New Rules of Lifting for Women which is a seven phase strength building program.  You can find my recap post here.  In addition to this, I started kettlebell practice of swings and “naked” (without weight) turkish get ups a few days a week.  After doing that a few months, I was able to progress to incorporate cleans, presses, goblet squats, and snatches into the routine.  I loved kettlebells so much, I decided to start a kettlebell strength building program, Enter the Kettlebell.  I recently finished Enter the Kettlebell and you can find my recap post here.

I am always looking to challenge myself and to see positive changes and possibly inspire others certainly makes it worthwhile.


§ 2 Responses to Training

  • jim delo says:

    Its interesting, your experience with Body for Life. My wife just finished the 12 weeks of that program and had a similiar story; She lost some fat and shaped up some, but for the discipline, time, and effort she put in I would have thought she’d have had better results. My biggest concern with her is that she doesn’t ike exercise to begin with, so I was hoping that this would be a very positive and exciting experience for her. it wasn’t.

    I’ve been doing kettlebell training for 8 or 9 years, and have recently started training for kettlebell sport, which has really been a whole other world. I also just bought and started using a TRX a couple of weeks ago. Lovin’ that. Great as a supplement to the kb’s.

    Enjoyed the blog; keep up the good work.

    • greenteagrl says:

      Thanks for visiting and commenting! I think the after pictures of the people in the Body for Life book are so convincing. I was more hoping to look like them after 12 weeks! TRX is such a great addition to kettlebells. You will LOVE it!

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